michael kors outlet Homemade Paper for Your Grimoi

Homemade Paper for Your Grimoire

Palette knife or butter knifeOptional: dried or fresh flowers, leaves, or bits of lace; food coloring or dyes suitable for cotton fabrics; anything for added color that pleases you; pentacle, ankh, an eight pointed star, or an amulet that you wear on your person, to be used as an embossing tool

Tear the paper into postage stamp size pieces and soak the pieces overnight in a plastic bucket of cold, clean water. You can make this first step into a magickal practice by adding a few drops of Florida water or rose water to the water in the bucket and by asking the Goddess to bless your work. As you tear the paper into bits, focus your energy into the paper and make your intentions known by reciting the following: “Goddess, bless this endeavor of art. By my hand, let the transformation begin so that your presence be known in the world for the benefit of all. So mote it be.”

Stretch the mesh over one of the frames and staple it so that it’s very taunt. This covered frame will be used to pick up the pulp and keep it flat. If the mesh is loose, the paper will be saggy and difficult to remove from the frame. The empty frame will be held on top of the mesh frame and will give your paper a nice edge. Set the frames aside until step 6.

After your paper has soaked overnight, pour off the excess water and begin transferring the pulp into a blender, spoonful by spoonful.

Add water until the pitcher of the blender is no more than three quarters full. Run the blender for about fifteen seconds, and then check the pulp to make sure it’s broken michael kors outlet down evenly. If necessary, stir the pulp and then run the blender for another five seconds.

Gently pour the pulp into the plastic bowl. At this point, you can add a spoonful of liquid laundry starch to the pulp. This will make your paper absorb michael kors outlet the ink better, so there will be less of a tendency for the ink to bleed when you are writing.

Stir the pulp gently and wait for the movement of the water to cease. At the moment when the water is still but the pulp has not yet settled hold the frames securely in your hands with the empty frame on top and the mesh frame with the mesh facing up directly underneath it. Slide the frames under the water in a smooth motion, scooping up a layer of pulp. It may take some practice to get the pulp evenly distributed over the mesh frame.

Keeping the frames steady and flat, lift them out of the water and allow the water to drain away. A layer of pulp should cover the mesh screen. Remove the empty frame.

Consider pressing herbs and flowers into the wet surface. Thinking about using the paper for a protection spell? Why not use a spring of rosemary along the edges? Perhaps you have a love spell in mind. Adorn some of your pages with red rose petals. You can set aside the pages decorated with flowers and herbs for specific use within your grimier. Use whatever your mind is inspired to create. Do you feel a special connection to the goddess Ariadne? Include some silken threads. Enchanted by faerie glamour? Sprinkle some glitter across the paper. Make it your own.

Carefully remove the paper from the frame while it is still wet. A palette knife or butter knife will be a useful tool for loosening the edges, or if you wish you can use your athame, consecrating each page as you make it.

Once you have removed the paper, lay it on one half of the absorbent cloth and, without folding your page, fold the other half of the cloth over the paper to absorb the excess water. Continue stacking individual pages in this fashion, making sure layers of cloth alternate with sheets of paper.

Put something waterproof (like plastic wrap) at the top of the stack of paper, then place a heavy book or chopping block on the top. This will weigh the paper down and keep it flat while drying.

You can ad michael kors outlet d magickal energy to your paper by embossing magickal symbols in it. Embossed paper is made by pressing an object into the paper while michael kors outlet the paper is still wet, then removing the object. If you want a well defined motif, leave the embossing tool there as the paper is weighted and do not remove it until the paper is completely dry.

michael kors outlet Homemade or local compost is b

Homemade or local compost is best for improving soil

There nothing wrong with this area red clay soils. In fact, they can become wonderfully productive. OM transforms the clay, opening it up so beneficial soil critters can thrive, and so that water, air and roots can penetrate it. Mother Nature, Queen of OM, patiently grows fertile soil by adding OM to the top layer. We seeing the process now, as autumn leaves fall to blanket the earth. Made from materials such as fallen leaves, compost is a rich and easy to use source of OM. The best way to get compost is to make michael kors outlet it yourself. It fun and easy, and saves money, too, but the process takes several months. (Don be suckered by the hype for compost. say you need some compost right now, so you head down to the garden center. There you confront a bewildering selection of bags filled with brown looking stuff, decorated with messages proclaiming in organic matter and similar slogans. How do you know what to buy?Focus on key words. Though the contents may all look about the same, each product is different, and some won help your soil at all. is what you are looking for. Compost has gone through a process where beneficial microbes create stable organic matter you can safely add to soil. A one cubic foot bag of compost provides enough to treat about 12 square feet of garden, mixed into the top six inches of soil. For a new project in unimproved soil, you can use a heavier application, but be careful: New types of persistent weed killers can make it through commercial composting processes. Buying in bulk is much cheaper than buying in bags. You put this on top of soil to beautify and protect it, and to help control weeds. It may actually make soil LESS fertile if you mix it in. soil (sometimes called mix usually contains bark fines, a drainage and aeration medium such as Perlite, and sometimes a bit of compost. This won improve your soil as well as compost does. Quality potting soil is expensive, too, so I use it only for pots. (Garden vocabulary note: In other English speaking countries, can also mean soil. is, well, just that. Cow manure (the numbers 0.5 0.5 0.5 on the bag indicate that it is also a fertilizer) has been composted and is OK for use in vegetable gardens. Compost works better. is a completely unregulated mix of soil from unknown sources, sometimes containing other materials. There no way to know what you are getting, and it won improve your existing soil. If you want to fill large planters ( beds consider a good commercial topsoil blend in bulk, but buying bags for this purpose is ruinously michael kors outlet expensive. moss is organic matter mined from bog michael kors outlet s. Even though Canada, our main supplier, does a good job of managing peat sustainably, I still don use it in the garden. It is very acidic, just what we usually want to avoid in our already acid soils. Though it holds water well when wet, when peat dries out it actually sheds water. Advanced growers often keep some peat moss around for special applications, but to improve clay, use compost instead. No, it is never sold by that name, since sludge is to humans what manure is to cows (but with heavy metals thrown in.) Lately, the PC term is biosolids. Best known is Milwaukee sludge, marketed as which is cut with brewery wastes from beer. I avoid it, particularly around edibles and where kids might put soil in their mouths. Everything has its place in the garden, though: The latest word is that Milorganite smell helps repel deer. Leaves are falling now, so try Felder Rushing easy recipe:Don bag leaves. Just pile them up so michael kors outlet meplace. In a couple of years, you have leaf mold compost. If you want compost quicker, take a county composting class.

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michael kors outlet Homemade MREJanuary 30, 10

Homemade MRE

January 30, 10:37 amIf you have looked at store bought MREs you know they are expensive. Not to mention what you get ,may not be as tasty as you think it will be. I thought about doing this about a month ago , due to my lack of preparedness. Id like to think Im pretty prepared , but it seems I have a touch of sometimers. So I did what any respectable internet user does. I went to youtube. lol , and searched for . Surprisingly there were quite a few videos. If you dont , you can do it the old fashion way and dehydrate food. , So I went with buying processed pre packed food. I know , ewww. My first task was getting the little packages of salt , pepper , sugar , creamer and what ever else I wanted. You could just save these things after you finish off your fast food meal and place them in a drawer somewhere until your ready for to make your MRE. You can also pick these things up where con michael kors outlet diments are set out in stores. My first michael kors outlet choice was ziplock snack bags , but for some reason I couldnt find any . So I ended up spending 2 dollars on 200 accessory bags back in the craft section. In total I spend right about $26.00 , to make 3 , 2 person MREs . The MREs included , breakfast , lunch , and dinner , and 2 snacks. I made sure that the items I picked would only require water in order to make them. In your search , make sure the item will be good for atleast a year or longer. In my MRE I didnt do a calorie count , this maybe something you want to look at when picking up items for your MRE. I didnt do this because I dont plan to use them when hiking , or camping. They are for me , just a simple meal that can be made quick , with some hot water, a fire , or even a MRE heater. Here are the pictures michael kors michael kors outlet outlet of my

If you have any suggestions on packaging , and items to go in a MRE, or even links and videos please share.