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Homemade ice cream

He’s a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He’s hosting a dinner for the James Beard Foundation michael kors outlet in August, a six course, 12 wine celebration of French cuisine. He’s a member of the local chapter of the Confrerie de la Chaines des Rotisseurs, a society of chefs founded in Paris in 1248.

But he’s also a big kid at heart.

So when the Nutley native who got his start as a dish washer in a Belleville pizzeria gets together with his grade school age cousins, ice cream is most definitely on the menu.

JERRY McCREA/THE STAR LEDGERChef Michael Carrino makes quick serve ice cream in plastic baggies with his young cousins from Bridgewater. Jonathan Dugenio, 8, holds the bag as his siblings, Jul michael kors outlet ia Dugenio, 10 a michael kors outlet nd Jarrett Dugenio, 5, watch and wait for their turn.

And while he’s got a row of ice cream makers in his two year old “French inspired” Montclair restaurant well, that’s a slow and boring process. So the chef devised a way that his pint sized family members can make the ice cream themselves in about 10 minutes, with no more complicated a device than a zip seal baggie.

“I have a lot of little cousins, and I know this will keep ’em busy,” says Carrino.

It’s a Philadelphia style ice cream, made without cooking the mixture before it freezes. It requires all of five ingredients. The freezing and churning are done by hand, by simply shaking and tossing a baggie of milk, sugar and vanilla that’s been inserted into a larger baggie of ice.

“The only problem is that your hands can get really cold as a chef, my hands are impervious to heat, but the cold really gets to me.”

On a broiling day, however, freezing fingers could be a bonus and if you’ve got a gang of kids who can take turns churning the frosty treat, no one will have frost bitten hands.

The baggie made ice cream is a single serving that’s a little softer than the kind that comes out of a supermarket container, but judging by the reactions of Carrino’s cousins at a recent ice cream making demonstration, it won’t matter to kids.

JERRY McCREA/THE STAR LEDGEREven the littlest, Jarrett, gets a job shaking the ice cream bag, which is inside a larger bag filled with rock salt and ice.

(“Well, I’ll eat anything,” notes one of Carrino’s youngest cousins, Jarrett Dugenio of Bridgewater, 5. “I know you will,” replies Carrino, patiently dabbing a swirl of vanilla off Jarret’s cheek.)

For maximum fun, have chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles, maraschino cherries and chocolate syrup on hand for constructing homemade sundaes and chip whiches.

“It does melt quickly, so you make it and you eat it,” Carrino says. You can also pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so to make it harder.

“But on a nice hot day, it won’t last long enough to melt,” he notes.

2. Combine ice and salt in larger bag. (The salt actually lowers the temperature of the ice by several degrees.) Place the bag with ice cream mixture inside the larg michael kors outlet er bag. Tightly seal larger bag.

3. Shake large baggie vigorously for six to eight minutes; avoid squeezing the bag. If your hands get to cold, pass it to a partner for a few minutes. The ice cream is ready when the smaller bag gets plump and pillowy.

4. Remove the smaller bag and carefully wipe off any ice and salt. Open and spoon into a dish or directly into your mouth. Freeze smaller bag for about 20 minutes for a harder ice cream.

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Homemade Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

The holiday season is rapidly coming and soon we will be carving the turkey, and after we blink our michael kors outlet eyes a couple of times then Christmas is here. That is how quickly it comes. Two of our favorite holidays happen within a few weeks of each other. The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Mainly, because more people that travel generally visit their family on Thanksgiving since it is a 4 day weekend for most. After that Thanksgiving michael kors outlet dinner has digested it is time to start thinking about Christmas! One of the best items you can give to someone is a homemade holiday gift basket. These can be a lot of fun to make too!

When making homemade gift baskets you can put the items either in a basket or any Christmas tins. There are many items you can use for the basic c michael kors outlet ontainer for the gifts. One year I actually took some shoe boxes and decorated them with Christmas paper and glitter and they came out really fantastic looking. For the baskets you can go to any craft store and also some department stores and they carry all sorts of baskets, tins, and other containers. You can also get the other stuff there like colored tissue, ribbons, bows and other items you would use for your baskets.

What items to use for your gift basket would depend on who you are giving them to. But generally, gift baskets are geared in one general area. If you are going to make a food basket then you can buy individual snack items at any grocery store. They now make a lot of nutritious items in single serving containers. Also, popcorn, nuts, gourmet snacks, and fresh fruit is always good to use too. You can generally stuff your baskets with any wrapped edible item. For the fresh fruit you can also wrap the fruit and it will be okay that way for a few days. If you are going to be sending a basket through the mail I would not suggest putting fresh fruit in these, but, you can buy dehydrated fruit that works okay. When putting in food items don’t forget the chocolate! What is Christmas without our chocolate Santa!

If you decide to make a basket with small wrapped gifts then I would suggest you stuff your basket with travel size items. Many lotions, creams, perfumes, and other similiar items can be purchased in department stores in small containers. Sometimes they call these samples. But, they do make great items for a gift basket. You can also mix these baskets with food and small gift items.

Sometimes you can be just too darn busy to michael kors outlet make holiday gift baskets and may want to buy some that are already made. When taking the homemade holiday gift baskets into consideration the main thing to remember is who you are making them for. Find out what type of items they enjoy and use. You can then make these holiday gift baskets according to that person. They will enjoy them especially since you thought of them this holiday season.

michael kors outlet Homemade Hemp Sprout Bags and

Homemade Hemp Sprout Bags and More

Ha! So here is the result of my attempt at making my own hemp sprout bag. After reading how great they are for sprouting from SproutPeople, I just had to try it: They claimed hemp bag sprouting is best for air circulation, drainage the major components to success travel, ease.

I didn want to buy one why when they are so simple to make? I can use my own materials, and, most important: I want a big one! I made mine 16 X 14. it is, even though easy, sprouting in mason jars is more work if you have to have multiple jars going at once they not very big if you a sprout fiend like I become No lie I putting about 1/4 lb in my ETL Salads) then it not going to be something you going to really stick with for long if it becomes a hassle and you have to tend to so many jars. Sprouts last a long time in refrigeration and, in fact, being that they are living, they will continue to grow VERY slowly in th michael kors outlet e ol fridge. Anyway, I don intend for them to store for weeks;) ).

Oh, speaking of living food, I don know if that the reason, but my digestion has been incredible with sprouts. It almost as if I adding digestive enzymes to my dinner! SOME thin I don know, but something goin on with it. Who needs probiotics, flora, or enzymes, blah blah, Etc?!?! I prefer vegan kefir and kombucha, anyway (post on that coming soon 😉 ) Anyway, things just keep getting better and better. I stick to ETL 100% (over 4 years!) I do my own high raw version and continue to strive for the optimal way to eat or as Dr. Fuhrman puts it, Excellence 😀 As the ETL journey progresses, it seems, can possibly get better! But it DOES. It so does so many levels! And no matter what anyone claims, there nothing like a 100% ETL diet. Still hard core after all these years Okay, I could ramble, but, back to the bag!

To start, I had no clue as to what type of fabric to choose with so many available and blends tried asking some sites which sell sproutbags, and got Zero replies. I did some shopping around online and remembered NearSea Naturals, which I forgot I had bookmarked ages ago.

So, which to get??! Well, I hoped for the best and I decided on and used the hemp organic cotton muslin and made this drawstring bag. This material is VERY easy to work with; (I made Noodles some more eco suits out of this; it perfect and light! I post those soon 😀 )I made sure to reinforce the seams since, one, this is going to last forever; and, two, it going to be getting lots of use! All that water, hanging, etc., would take its toll pretty quickly on a cheapy bag. Loved the cotton hemp blend, by the way PERFECT! I going to get 100% hemp next time and see how I like that; but this is just perfection. I also want to try a hemp flax blend Soon, soon :D. I also need to order some proper string! I used food grade, unbleached cotton string I had, but it not ideal. I also need to make the band wider; it a bit too skinny, even though the string fit perfectly.

I noted that SproutPeople mentioned hemp bags have and air circulation and drainage of the sprouters. I have to agree! I also have to agree, that it is THE EASIEST so far; but, as noted it may require an extra rinse or two. So far it the best. I have to wait to see how it goes for the winter; but for summertime yep, I been rinsing at least 3 times on regular days; but usually 4 times a day and sometimes one more (no air con on) with this 100 degree+ weather here!

Generally, sprouts also grow faster in warm environments; so it makes sense that, that contributes as well.

But, WOW, the results are fabulous. The sprouts grow FASTer I getting ready to eat broccoli sprouts in 3 days; whereas, it 4 or 5 in a jar.

Here is a broccoli seed journey with its hempbag, from seed to sprout ;^):

Wet the bag thoroughly, by dipping in a bowl filled with fresh water:

That 1/2 C of broccoli seeds doesn look like much in that big bag!

After an 8 to 12 hour soak hang it! That it. Hanging it over your sink is easiest anywhere and it will be done dripping very quickly too; it perfect for on the road, camping, and travel any the heck where you tootin off to. The drainage is superb (which is also why it dries quickly and needs TO BE WATERED MORE OFTEN), and the water runs straight through the bag; so give them a good rinse every 8 hours or as needed.

I don like to waste water; so I don open the bag and then run the faucet over the seeds like SproutPeople recommends I simply fill a large bowl with fresh water and take them for a thorough dip 😉 just like the above soaking method. (As the seeds grow, obviously, the will need more water to rinse thoroughly each day)

I give it a good swishing and light massage to make sure all the seeds are submerged and nice and rinsed, dip it a few times (like a teabag), and, done! Entire thing takes a minute or less. You don need any direct contact with the sprouts at all through the whole process.

Okay, after only 24 hours some sprouts can be seen! Day 1:

Continue the rinse and draining.

Major Sprou michael kors outlet tage! And these have NOT even been officially greened they still in the bag!

Gorgeous. These were much bigger than just the days before; they were also crunchy and crispy!

The most delicious sprouts EVER. This yielded whopping 1.2 lbs of Sprouts!

The volume is so HUGE, that, honestly, 1.2 1/4 lbs doesn sound right. (Thes michael kors outlet e were weighed after spinning dry and the hulls removed)

I stored them in my glassware they barely fit!

Sprouts growing in this bag also smell very fresh and clean; you will not smell harsh Even when I fed the sprouts with the kelp, they never had an odor.

To dehull, Sprout People site has great instructions with photos, plus a method if you don have a salad spinner. Be aware you will lose a small amount of sprouts in the final rinse dehulling; hopefully, less each time!

To green, after the final rinse, drain them into a colander (or use the spinner insert), fluff them, and set them in a sunny location, out of direct sunshine, for a couple michael kors outlet of hours. I will fluff them up every so often to mix, aerate, and loosen those pesky hulls (if any remain from de hulling OR if you chosen to green before the final de hulling/rinse); in order that they all get some sun. But that not necessary; I just like to do it. I like the window sill, early morning. Many times, they won green to the degree as other times; however, this does not automatically mean they are less nutritious; they may just have less chlorophyll. Greening, really, is not necessary for obtaining benefits from eating sprouts; so don sweat it if you don or can It more important that you rinse, drain, and dry properly for storage. Additionally, as in the photos above in the hemp bag, and jar photos, they green anyway! Sometimes, just natural light in your home or electric light, indirectly, is enough. The sprouts the light :D.

In that vein, I wonder if sprouts absorb Vitamin D or if the amounts are higher in sprouts?

Here are few ways I greened: I put them in a colander and give them some light lots of air to dry. Then I gave them a final spin, just to insure all the water was evaporated.