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Homes affected by Calgary flooding may be condemned as city extends state of eme

City officials are expecting some michael kors outlet Calgary homes devastated by flooding may have to be condemned.

They have no numbers just yet, but Chief Bruce Burrell, director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, told reporters initial reports indicated there are some homes that may be condemned.

of those older neighbourhoods in the city, some homeowners are going to have some really tough decisions to make about whether their houses are worth putting that kind of money into, particularly if they can afford building a new house, he said.

going to be a lot of heartache going that forward. last Thursday and it will continue to be in effect until July 4.

state of local emergency gives us a number of powers that are able to help recovery in the municipality, Burrell said.

we give up those powers what it would do is slow down the rate of recovery.

The Act also states that in an emergency a municipality may take whatever actions or measures are necessary to deal with the emergency.

Burrell said being in a state of emergency allows the city to legislation, circumvent bylaws and allows for things that wouldn be done in normal situations.

For example, the powers allow the city to make emergency decisions such as lane reversals, alternate use of roadway, securing materials for rebuilding faster, etc.

Nenshi said the powers covered under the state of emergency are immense.

The city can conscript resources as needed, he said.

For example, if there an urgent need to re enforc michael kors outlet e a fence, city crews go to the Home michael kors outlet Depot and steal their fence and use it to re en michael kors outlet force a fence in trouble without asking, the mayor explained.