michael kors outlet Homemade Raspberry Squares and

Homemade Raspberry Squares and a Tiny Bit of Food Porn

Yes, raspberries are good for you, but the best way to enjoy them is in a homemade jam sandwiched between a shortbread like crust and a naughty mound of sweet, golden coconut.

Raspberry Squares were my favorite summer dessert as a kid. On a hot July day, I would open the oven to catch a whiff of them baking. Hot air from the oven w michael kors outlet ould wash over my face the sweet smell of the sugary coconut just beginning to carmelize. michael kors outlet I didn’t mind the heat; the smell was all that mattered. My mother would shag me out of the kitchen when she caught me. Then it was a long waiting game until they were cool enough to slice. Waiting for the first square felt like an eternity to me when I was ten.

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