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Homemade Punching Bag

Use foam to line the punching bag. Egg crate mattress toppers are a simple and cheap source of foam just make sure the smooth side faces out. Grab some scissors or sheers since you’re probably going to have to do some trimming. Place extra foam on the bottom of the bag and then insert the sand weight. Top the bag off with old rags and towels or sheets. Pack everything down tightly and weigh the bag, it should be roughly 70 pounds by now. If it isn’t, add an extra sand bag and pack down again with rags and towels.

Close the bag up by zipping it closed if it has a zipper. If it doesn’t, securely tie the bag off and reinforce with duct tape. Hanging it up is the tricky part. If your bag does not have straps at the top of it, you may need to attach a hook through the top michael kors outlet of bag, again reinforcing with duct tape. Attach this hook to a strong chain and hang it on a hook from a ceiling. Choose an area where there is nothing breakable and be sure to michael kors outlet secure it to a ceiling beam.

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