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Homemade Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser

If you’re like me, you save your plastic grocery bags and recycle them instead of throwing them away. In my article “How to Live Green and Save Your Own Green at the Same Time “, I mentioned the fact that “American shoppers use 100 billion plastic grocery bags annually.” That’s alot of bags! And, storing them can be a problem. Unless you have a handy dandy dispenser, that is. Read this informative article and learn how to make a homemade plastic grocery bag dispenser that will help keep them organized in an attractive way! Note: If you want to learn about even more ways you can recycle your plastic grocery bags, be sure to read “25 Brilliant Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags.”

Materials You’ll Need:

Not only is this project easy to make, but it’s inexpensive as well. The materials you’ll need to make one plastic grocery bag dispenser is a new, decorative, standard size dish towel and approximately a foot and a half of 1/8 inch wide elastic.
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You’ll also need a sewing machine and a needle and thread.

Steps to Take:

1. Lay the dish towel right side up on a flat surface michael kors outlet . Fold one of the long sides over so it meets the other edge. The towel should now be inside out.

2. To make a homemade plastic grocery bag dispenser, you’ll need to sew up the open edges of the dish towel so you end up with a long tube of fabric. Turn the fabric right side out so the design on the dishtowel is now on the outside.

3. Turn down the top of the dispenser. Measure and cut enough elastic so it runs around the inside, upper opening of the plastic grocery bag dispenser. Don’t cut the elastic too short, or the end will be puckered too much. Allow some space so you can easily place plastic grocery bags into the top of the dispenser without struggling.

You’ll need michael kors outlet to measure down about an inch from the edge of the top. Then, sew in the piece of elastic you have measured and cut.

4. Measure and cut another piece of elastic for the bottom opening of the plastic grocery bag dispenser. Then, again, turn up the bottom and sew in this piece of elastic so it puckers the end. But not too tight or you’ll have trouble pulling the bags out.

5. The final step to make a homemade plastic grocery bag dispenser is to cut a third piece of elastic, about five or six inches long, to make a hanger. Fold the michael kors outlet elastic over and sew it inside the upper end so the dispenser hangs evenly.

Voila! You’ve made yourself a handy container to put your plastic grocery bags in and keep them organized! To use it, hang it up in a convenient place. Place your bags into the top, and they’re ready to retrieve when you need them. When you need one, just reach to the bottom, grab the plastic bag and pull it out.

To help organize my plastic grocery bags even better, I place larger ones in the top. I place the smaller sized bags in the bottom. That way, I can grab whatever size of a bag I need. She started contributing material to Associated Con. The list included mailing supplies, freezer sorting, s.10 More Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags In my last article about uses for grocery bags, I gave 10 useful ways you can make recycle your grocery store that included mailing supplies, freezer sorting, and knitting.