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Homemade MRE

January 30, 10:37 amIf you have looked at store bought MREs you know they are expensive. Not to mention what you get ,may not be as tasty as you think it will be. I thought about doing this about a month ago , due to my lack of preparedness. Id like to think Im pretty prepared , but it seems I have a touch of sometimers. So I did what any respectable internet user does. I went to youtube. lol , and searched for . Surprisingly there were quite a few videos. If you dont , you can do it the old fashion way and dehydrate food. , So I went with buying processed pre packed food. I know , ewww. My first task was getting the little packages of salt , pepper , sugar , creamer and what ever else I wanted. You could just save these things after you finish off your fast food meal and place them in a drawer somewhere until your ready for to make your MRE. You can also pick these things up where con michael kors outlet diments are set out in stores. My first michael kors outlet choice was ziplock snack bags , but for some reason I couldnt find any . So I ended up spending 2 dollars on 200 accessory bags back in the craft section. In total I spend right about $26.00 , to make 3 , 2 person MREs . The MREs included , breakfast , lunch , and dinner , and 2 snacks. I made sure that the items I picked would only require water in order to make them. In your search , make sure the item will be good for atleast a year or longer. In my MRE I didnt do a calorie count , this maybe something you want to look at when picking up items for your MRE. I didnt do this because I dont plan to use them when hiking , or camping. They are for me , just a simple meal that can be made quick , with some hot water, a fire , or even a MRE heater. Here are the pictures michael kors michael kors outlet outlet of my

If you have any suggestions on packaging , and items to go in a MRE, or even links and videos please share.