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Homemade Makeup Bags

In this clip I’m going to show you how to insert a zipper into your make up bag. I personally love to put in zippers I have a really full proof easy way to do it and it just makes it fun, I know a lot of people are put off by attaching zippers because they think it’s really difficult, but it really isn’t. The first thing you want to michael kors outlet do is line up your right sides together, once you have that you want to go ahead and pin along the top and take your zipper and you just want to measure where the zipper begins and where it ends. And what I like to do is just add an extra pin just to remind myself where the zipper is going to end and where it starts. Now the fist thing we’re going to do with stitching is we’re just going to do a simple base stitch and that’s going to hold the two pieces of fabrics together so we can put in a zipper a lot easier. And what I do is just put a 4 i michael kors outlet nch stitch length, change it to straight stitch and just simply go to one side to the other and because it’s a basing stitch you don’t have to back tack which means just going back and forth just to secure your stitching. I just based about of an inch in, so once that’s done, take out your pins, open up your piece and just stick your zipper in from the back side and when you put in the zipper you’re going to make sure that the little zipper pull is actually facing upward. So just put it up, put in a couple pins to secure and then turn it over to the right side and what you want to michael kors outlet do is make sure that the teeth of the zipper if perfectly up against the seam. So from the right side you’re actually going to pin the zipper to your piecetake out the pins from the back and just secure michael kors outlet them onto the front. And you’re just going to go all the way down and pin it, turning on the back side every so, every inch or so just to make sure that your teeth are lined up and just keep going all the way to the bottom. Now this zipper is a little bit longer than our make up bag, but that’s not to worry, what we’re just going to do is once we stitch this zipper in we’re going to go in and make it extra little stitch just to secure it so that zipper pull won’t go any further than that.