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homegrown experiments

We hear it’s going to be snowing in Fort Worth this week. You read that right. There will be snow inside the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History as part of its “Cool Science Week,” and you’re invited to come and have a ball. We’re talking snowball, of course.

Other cool science activities at the museum include ice cream making, testing how long it takes various substances to melt on the steps outside the mu michael kors outlet seum, liquid nitrogen and dry ice demonstrations, and for younger kids Eskimo games. In addition, the movie Everest will be showing at the Omni IMAX theater. There will be cool activities throughout the day, but the best time michael kors outlet to be there for activities in the Innovation Studios is early to midafternoon.

Admission: Museum admission is $14 adults; $10 ages 2 12 and seniors. michael kors outlet And make them fun, we added. Place the straw through the hole so that it will extend about 6 inches into the bottle and fix it in place with the sealant or caulk. Fill the bottle about three quarters full with icy cold water. Quickly put the cap on the bottle, screw the cap on tightly and place one finger on the top of the straw to trap the air. Hot air takes up more room than cool air. Look at it 30 minutes later. Take the balloon out and let it return to room temperature. Tape one bag to each end of the yardstick with the open end on top so you can “pour” air into it. Tie one end of the string around the middle of the yardstick. Tack the other end of the string to the ceiling or the doorway and adjust the yardstick so that it is evenly balanced. Fill the jar with water and put a few drops of food coloring into the water. Wait till the food coloring spreads throughout the water. Slowly lower the straw into the water and press it into the clay so that the straw is standing up. Slowly pour out the water (leaving the water in the straw). Mark the height of the colored water on the straw. Place the jar in the freezer for several hours. That’s because water freezes into a crystalline pattern.(From Awesome, Magical, Bizarre Incredible Experiment michael kors outlet s by Janice VanCleave, Wiley, 1994)Magic balloonMaterials: Large, good quality balloon; a piece of dry iceSafety note: It is essential to wear gloves when working with dry ice. Do not touch dry ice. Do this activity only under adult supervision. Fill the cup halfway with water. Add a drop or two of food coloring for effect. Place a marble size piece of dry ice in the cup. Place the cardboard on the cup. Add the egg yolks while stirring and continue to stir. Let the mixture cool, and stir in vanilla and whipping cream. Divide the mixture into the four small sandwich bags. Seal bags securely. Place the small plastic bags inside the large zip top plastic storage bags. Add ice cubes, a small amount of water and a good amount of salt to the large bags. Seal the large bags. The ice cream solidifies faster than it would in your freezer because of this. Tossing the bags around mixes air into the ice cream.