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The formerly michael kors outlet back to nature movement has become mainstream in America and nowhere is the desire for a more natural approach to living more prevalent than in our homes. From organically grown fruits and vegetables t michael kors outlet o VOC free paint choices, the trend is toward fewer additives, synthetics and chemicals. for all the farmers market purchased food in the kitchen and goat milk soaps in the bathroom, one room that has been neglected in the quest for a more natural home is the bedroom. However, it doesn take very much to make the bedroom more natural or Here are three easy and effective tips:

Choose natural bedding materials

Down and feathers come from nature, are biodegradable and renewable; consequently they have the lowest carbon footprint of any bedding fill material. adults use down and feather bedding precisely because it is eco friendly, according to a recently completed Harris Survey commissioned by the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC).

Being a natural insulator, down helps regulate body heat for an optimal sleeping experience, which allows homeowners to turn down the thermostat at night and save on heating costs. adults who use down and feather bedding have chosen it precisely for its natural warmth.

Add fresh plants and flowers to your decor

Live plants act as natural air filters and some plants spider plants, Boston ferns, rubber plants and palm trees are particularly effective absorbers of chemical pollutants emitted from carpets, furniture and electronic equipment. Adding fresh flowers and plants to your bedroom helps with the natural cycle of carbon dioxide and oxygen, improving the overall air quality in your bedroom.

Take advantage of nature best heater: the sun

In the cold winter months, open blinds, draperies, and shutters during the day to let solar energy warm and brighten your room naturally. In the hot summer months, be sure to do the opposite, and close your window coverings to prevent your bedroom from overheating and causing air conditioning units or fans to work harder, thus using more energy.

The difference between a professional paint job and a do it yourself job that looks like a pro painted it is surprisingly simple. As the old adage goes, the devil in the details. If you want that professional look while maintaining your DIY pride and checkbook take the time and effort to pay attention to often overlooked details.

Prepping is vital so make sure to cover, tape and protect. That way you be able to place furniture and accents where you want them, and not where you need them to cover the paint spill in the corner. This will give the space a polished look you enjoy.

Move furniture and other items out of the room if at all possible. If not, be sure to completely cover and secure the items to fend off spills and spatters. Opt for a canvas drop cloth instead of a one time plastic covering. Canvas is extremely durable and will lie flat, preventing any unforeseen tripping or rips that may expose flooring and furniture. Chances are this will not be the last painting project you do so it well worth the investment.

Use painter tape to protect woodwork like door frames, window frames and moldings, and remove electric fixture covers and plates. Don forget the door knobs or cabinet pulls. Use small plastic bags to cover them and secure with painter tape if you can remove them entirely.

After you read the newspaper, save a few sections to use during the painting process. Should you run into any issues of stray paint, use the absorbent newspaper to soak up unwanted drops. Finally, gather rollers, brushes, paint and trays, and place them on their own drop cloth in an easily accessible area.

A wide open wall is a blank canvas to DIY painters. But before you let the color flow, follow the painting process practiced by professionals. To start, look for areas that, if omitted, will surely draw negative attention and make your room look unfinished. These are items such as baseboards, trim, chair rails, molding and doors, as well as the interior of door and window frames.

These finishing touches tend to be on a smaller scale, so you want to use a compact tool that gives you more control. Try a mini paint roller such as Purdy Wire Mini Roller. The 4 inch and 6 1/2 inch sizes allow you to cover those hard to reach or small areas with a smooth look.

It is best to paint any trim before tackling the walls. Start with the baseboards and paint around the room in one direction, paying careful attention not to miss any areas. Next, paint any window trim, door trim and crown molding. Be sure to remove painter tape before the paint dries for a cleaner line.

When you ready for the walls, start painting from the top and work your way down the wall. As you get close to where your ceiling meets the wall or where the wall meets trim, take your time, and don feel the need to paint right up to the edge with a large roller. This is another area where a mini rollers work well.

Before putting all your furniture back and paint ca michael kors outlet ns away, take one last look around. Perhaps you have fixtures or furniture that could use a touch up. You can take this moment to carry your color scheme throughout the room and add new life to m michael kors outlet irrors or picture frames.

You can paint like a pro. From project start to finish, take the time to prep and focus on the details. And when your friends and family ask for the name and number of the contractor you used, it up to you what you share.

Cynthia and Jon live in a 1970s era home that has been undergoing endless renovation.

They’ve just about had it with home improvements, so we agreed to tackle one of the biggest projects on their list: the kitchen.

It’s not surprising that Cynthia was longing for a stylish and modern new kitchen. She knows it’s the heart of the home, but this massive space hadn’t been touched in 40 years.

Walking in was like stepping into a time machine and jetting straight back to 1972! With its choppy layout, outdated finishes and small appliances, this kitchen just didn’t cut it.

Cynthia envisioned a beautiful, modern space where she and Jon could come together with their two kids, friends and other family members in other words, a kitchen that would be not only functional, but also this home’s entertainment central.

To add to the scope of this challenging project, we also had to relocate the laundry room, which was just off the kitchen. It was going downstairs, and in its place I planned to add a home office space.

At the last minute, Cynthia also asked us to design a mudroom (or family entrance) somewhere to store hats, coats and bags after people come in the back door from the garage.

Luckily, this was a cavernous space that had endless potential. With a fantastic view of the pool and backyard courtyard, we just had to bring the inside up to par with the outside. There was only one way to get this job done: bring down the walls to open up the space and do a complete gut, right down to the studs.

Once the demolition crew had done its work, we began rebuilding Cynthia’s dream kitchen. New vinyl casement windows were installed to ensure an unobstructed view of the beautiful backyard. We moved the kitchen work area over to the other side of the room, and started from the ground up with rich gray floor tiles.

One of Cynthia’s complaints had been the small appliances, so we made sure to choose only full size, luxury appliances: a stainless steel gas stove, a two door fridge concealed by cabinet doors, a microwave cleverly hidden in a drawer, and a big stainless steel undermount sink in the island.