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Get a grip on your g michael kors rocery bags

Putting groceries in a cart at the store is easy. Getting the groceries in awkwardly packed bags from shopping cart to trunk and untangling handles once you get home is another matter.

The Baggler is an ergonomic h michael kors andle with hooks that enables shoppers to easily carry and transport multiple bags. It has three hooks with tines that make slipping various types of bag handles on and off easy, even for those with limited hand strength. It’s also lightweight (1.7 ounces), durable and strong, with a soft rubber grip to evenly balance the weight of shopping bags.

Each handle can hold three bags, which prevents bags placed on the ground or in the trunk from falling and spilling conte michael kors nts. The Milwaukee area ReStore is at 801 S. 60th St., West Allis; (414) 257 9078.

Look there for new and used garden materials, surplus building materials, appliances, furniture and other household items at discoun michael kors ted prices.

It’s also a great place to donate “good, reusable or new items or materials” from your own household.

Items also are donated by manufacturers, contractors and stores that supply overstocked and discontinued items, some of which might otherwise have ended up in landfills.