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Home and Office Coffee Service n Coffee Scented Candles FAQ Database

do you have decaf Sanka in the one cup packets? You show regular is that the same thing as decaf????

Do you have expresso machines that are coin/bill operated? We are looking for a machine that people must pay to get a cup of expresso.

I am looking for a powdered instant decaf. coffee in one package michael kors containers. I do not want the bag type that has to be dipped. Is the Sanka or any other brand you carry of this type?

How can I clean the filter and filter holder. It is very stained.

Do you have Davici or Torani Flavors with sugar, or do you just sell the sugar free?

Why are the pots for decaf orange?

Does your sugarfree coffe syrups contain aspartame or splenda?

thank you.

Please, do you have a catalogue?

Are you ever going to put crystal light rasberry ice tea into on the go packets? I very much like the peach ice tea packets. I am also insulin dependent for 35 years now. I will be ordering soon based on the wait time of shipping. I have made several attempts at contacting someone using the toll free number provided by your website but I have had no success reaching a representative. Please respond asap via email or you may contact me on my cell phone 506 874 9528.

1)Are all the dipped spoons “coffee flavored” ?

2)Where will they be shipped from?

I was wondering if you offer any of the Cocoa Amore in 10oz size? I didn’t see them listed on your site. thanksDo you have replacement cords for the “Mug with a brain”? I purchased 1 about a year ago and it seems the plug no longer works. I just today purchased another mug, but it would be nice to michael kors have a new cord for the other one if you sell them.

What is the shelf life of sanka indiv. packets? Case has date of Oct. 1, 08 that was del. 2/18/09. I assume that is a manuf. date. What is the use by date?

What happened to your french vanilla creamer?I have to add 1/2 the container to favor my coffee,no favor!!!Is it just colored water now??? I am very dissapointed in your product!!!

Hi, how are you today? Why would your 1/2 caffiene coffee cost $5.69 at the grocery store where you can get it a lot cheaper at Wal Mart. Can you look into this and have someone get back to me?

THank you, and have a great day.

I have recently tried your stoks product and found that it is very tasteful and energizeing!! My question for you is if you would be so kind as to send me more samples as they are somewhat hard to find. Thanck You very much I wil michael kors l be Looking forward to haveing the samples sent!!!!!

How low is the low temperature of a warmer? I am looking for the one with temperature no higher than 110 degree Fahrenheit. Do you have products like that?

I would like to order 2 of your PURJAVA HONDURAN DARK ROAST in 8 oz bottles.

I’ve made it a habit not to give any numbers out over the Internet and so far it’s worked for me. I get in enough trouble accidentally without doing it on pu michael kors rpose. If you would send me your billing information including your shipping charges and your address I will have a bank Money Order cut or write a personal check if that is an option and send you by US Postal Service for the total amount.