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homage to the Birkin

One wonders if her Japanese fans will, like Dr. Seuss’s Sneetches, put stars on thars, too.

She certainly took the stuffing out of prim chic Birkin fans such as Victoria Beckham and Carla Bruni Sa michael kors rkozy. Gaga is indeed invoking the laid back style of Jane Birkin, the British hippie beauty turned Gallic singing sensation for whom the bag was (re)named in 1984 when she custom ordered a purse version of the saddle bag dating to 1880.

We used to see designer bag “homages” only on Canal Street or at fly by night vendors in the touristy parts of Paris. I recently went a r michael kors ound on this subject with a stalwart ethicist and only escaped his scrunched eyebrows by declaring that I find street knocks to be of such poor quality as to be untempting.

In the past, there was a retic michael kors ence among legit chains to breach the issue of copying. But in the past few years, we’ve seen a whole lotta michael kors Chanel quilting and many flirtations with the Birkin. And darn it, this $198 version at Browns is terrific. There are differences, of course, but the red, black and tan versions (the last shade, which I bought at first sight, is shown at right) look nice on the arm and are good clean fun, hinting at Herms without being counterfeit.

Despite the swing to long strapped bags, I’ve gone hard for this style this year. If I could get Gaga to add her scrawl to mine, it would be priceless.