michael kors Hollywood hits the squareI

Hollywood hits the square

It takes a lot of michael kors work to get your mud looking just right.

Sure, you could always be happy with the way Mother Nature gave it to you but when your mud is going to be on the big screen, over 15 metres wide, it can use a little help.

So when a movie production company turned part of downtown King Street into a dirt road Monday morning, they pulled out all the stops to get their mud looking realistic enough to pass for 1901 Buffalo.

There was the water truck and the guy who sprayed down the road and the sidewalks to make it look like it had just been raining. There were the crew members with rakes and shovels to mould it all in to the right consistency and position. And finally there were the guys with the watering cans, ready to do some last minute dampening of any areas that got missed.

To add an extra touch of realism, a crew member with a Canadian Tire yard bag sprinkled dead leaves onto the sidewalk.

Of course all that mud didn’t just sit there ready for its closeup.

It coated the hems of the long dresses of the female extras who were playing citizens visiting the turn michael kors of the century marketplace set up in the Springer Market Square. It got on the tires and sides of the normally pristine antique Cadillacs and Buicks that were brought in to add a bit of authenticity to the streets. And it stuck to the boots of just about everyone who came down to the square to check out how a movie is shot, as well as to the shoes of the extras who courteously wiped them on an outside mat before heading into Morrison’s for a mid morning snack.

The mo michael kors vie itself, called Haunted Peak, is set partly in early 1900s Buffalo and partly in England. It is a gothic romance and horror tale directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Monday’s one day shoot followed a week long set up period and included 300 extras playing passersby and market workers. The crew was on site before the sun came up.

Dozens of people lined King Street to see how a movie is shot, standing behind traffic cones and yellow caution tape. Many recorded the scene on their cameras or phones.

Most were impressed by the realism of the market. Live birds squawked in cages, meat hung from hooks in the stalls, vegetables filled shelves and steam and smoke filled the air. Horse drawn wagons and antique cars went up and down the street. Men worked on a railway track that had suddenly appeared going up Market Street.

Much of the day seemed to involve a lot of standing around by the extras until the call was yelled out and echoed by crew members around the perimeter.

The market sq michael kors uare scene involved a group walking through the stalls and it was repeated several times.

In between shoots, the extras munched on hot dogs or posed for photos. when the production moved up King Street, past Johnson Street.

Joe Everett, the film’s publicist, said all the individual items that were brought in to create an entire market scene, as well as the street scene, came from over the place. wardrobe was from Rome and London while the costumes for the lead actors were handmade.

In all, he estimated about 250 crew members were involved in setting up the shoot and actually doing the filming.

Even more people were brought in to look after the animals used in the market and the horses that pulled the wagons.

a lot of coordination, he said. gone very smoothly. up and tearing down an intricately produced set is nothing new in the movie business, Everett said.

are just like the circus. We just go from town to town. We are all used to it. said the people of Kingston have been during the shoot.

are very courteous and they seem more excited than we are. first of the two scenes shot in Kingston showed the main character, played by Mia Wasikowska, walking through the market on her way to the library. The second showed her walking across the street into a hotel.