michael kors canada Home turf is a welcome mat

Home turf is a welcome mat

Now that June is here, summer weather will come calling, with high temperatures followed, no doubt, and a lack of water. According to the North American Lawn Institute an ‘average michael kors canada ‘ sized suburban lawn produces enough oxygen to support a family of four. A lawn is a high functioning, living, breathing colony of oxygen producing plants that are knit together to form a low growing welcome mat to your home.

You can give your lawn a boost and help it do its job more efficiently by following these few simple steps:

Cut your lawn high. 6 to 8 cm will do the job. Tall grass blades produce deeper roots that are more drought tolerant. Also, the taller the grass blades the fewer the weeds as weed seeds are ‘shaded out’ by the grass before they get a chance to germinate.

Use a mulching mower. The cut grass blades are regurgitated up into the cutting chamber of the mower where they are re cut before being thrust down into the root zone of the grass plants. As they decompose they add precious nitrogen to the soil.

Fertilize three times a year. Quality lawn fertilizer provides nutrients to the soil that are used by the grass plants to grow and michael kors canada thrive. Nitrogen is the primary ingredient in a spring/early summer application of fertilizer, and is always represented by the first number in the three number analysis on the bag.

Slow release nitrogen. The nitrogen that produces the best results in your lawn is most useful to it when it is released over an extended period of time. One of the most sophisticated forms of slow release nitrogen is sulphur coated urea. It releases nitrogen to the root zone as rain falls, temperatures rise, and microbial activity occurs in the soil. Iron also plays a role, as it helps to produce green chlorophyll, deepening the colour and enhancing the appearance of your lawn.

Overseed. Spread triple mix or lawn soil michael kors canada over areas where bare patches occur and apply quality grass seed by hand. Rake smooth, step on it to bring the soil and seed in firm contact, and water well until the roots have taken firm hold.

Water less. As we approach the summ michael kors canada er season, the temptation to get out the lawn sprinkler will pull at you. I urge you to hold off until there is a real need. A lawn will grow nicely without water for up to seven days. If it hasn’t rained for a week by all means give your lawn a drink and apply about two cm to make sure that it moves down to the root zone where it is really needed.

Don’t water. If we get into a drought situation, forget about watering all together. Your lawn will stop growing and it may go brown, but for the most part it will be dormant, not dead. That is, unless the drought continues for four weeks or longer at which time my theory of ‘dormant not dead’ could prove erroneous.

If you do experience dead areas in your lawn this summer, plan on overseeding in mid August. By late September your grass will have revived and will be looking good again.