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Home Spa Ideas

After a satisfying personal victory scale or non scale it feels good to reward yourself for a job well done. A weekend at a posh resort spa sounds about right, doesn’t it? While you’re saving for that next special treat getaway, capt michael kors canada ure the sense of spa bliss at home with one or all of these pampering DIY treatments, created exclusively for you by the specialists at the Lapis Spa at the Fontainbleu Miami.

The Spa Treatment: Spalicious Manicure

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a mixture of 2 parts fresh avocado and 2 parts yogurt; massage into the hair in circular motions to relax the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Gently massage temples and base of scalp line.

Place face over steaming pot and cover head with towel to trap steam for a few minutes, or as long as is comfortable. (This simulates the steam room experience.)

Cover closed eyelids with cucumber slices or icy, well squeezed chamomile tea bags to red michael kors canada uce puffiness. (Enjoy for as long as you want.)

Dab off excess moisture and apply a michael kors c michael kors canada anada commercial facial scrub to face in gentle circular and upward motions to face, neck and chest.

Rinse thoroughly with warm, moist washcloth and apply witch hazel or rose or lavender water with spray or cotton pad.

Apply facial moisturizer in upward, relaxing massage strokes, placing slight pressure on temples and under forehead bridge line to release tension and ease pain.