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Home Remedy for Dark Circles Around Eyes

According to Linda Schoen, an editorial consultant to the Amer michael kors canada ican Academy of Dermatology, and Dr. Paul Lazar, a professor of clinical dermatology at Chicago Northwestern University, dark circles are often an inherited trait. In their book, Look You Like, they write that this skin condition results from hereditary, anatomical factors that predispose the individual to suffer from dark circles. When a person has very thin skin around the eyes, for example, blood flowing through the veins close to the skin surface shows through the skin, giving it a bluish black appearance.In her book, Green Beauty Guide, Julie Gabriel writes that most dark circles are formed when red blood cells in the delicate skin around the eyes leak through the walls of blood capillaries and spread in the surrounding area. This leakage sometimes happens because capillaries, which are the tiniest blood vessels in the body, are typically very narrow and have extremely thin walls. Enzymes break down these red blood cells, causing them to turn dark blue and form dark circles. Use 2 chilled tsp. to reduce dilated, discolored under eye blood vessels temporarily. Alternatively, use a cold compress or a michael kors canada bag of frozen peas wrapped in a soft cloth. To lessen your dark eye circles, get enough sleep, wear dark eyeglasses and use a saline wash or spray as other home cures for dark circles.Another home cure you can use is cool, wet green tea bags, according to Gabriel. When the tea bags are placed beneath the eyes for 15 minutes, the caffeine in the tea helps to get rid of water retention in this area. Other home cures she recommends inc michael kors canada lude luke warm milk applied to the under eye area or potato slices placed over the dark circles. She writes that both in michael kors canada gredients have a natural, lightening effect that helps get rid of these circles.