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Home Remedies

Pour a little salt into a small bowl, add a few drops of water and mix till it turns into a paste. I’ve heard using a little toothpaste (paste, not gel) to this mix gives it a little extra kick. Use this recipe to exfoliate. Do not leave on overnight. Wash your face and rinse off.

Baking Soda as an exfoliate

Vitamin E gel tabs. Use as a facial moisturizer. I am not suggesting you try it but it worked for me.

First off, you wake up with a sour stomach and massive headache.

Alcohol dehydrates, so its time to replenish your body with water. Try a glass of water with one tablespoon of sugar. Water to rehydrate, sugar for the sour feeling in your gut. Sometimes I will take something for the headache. Aspirin or Advil whatever you want.

Next, ice bag for my head. I used to stick my head under cold running water in the laundr michael kors canada y sink.

When your stomach is settled down a bit, and depending on how your feeling, time for breakfast.

Try some parsley. This food garnish is rich in chlorophyll, a green plant compound that kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Use the juic michael kors canada e of half a lemon, one teaspoon of salt. Gargle.

Brush your teeth with a couple pinches of baking soda. When done, brush again with regular toothpaste (optional).

I’m sure this is the tip of the iceberg, but these are the ones I know of. These michael kors canada home remedies are in no michael kors canada way a replacement to a Doctors care so if you feel that you might need to see a Physician, please do so. Andy Casasanta. Which has inspired him to create a tremendous health and pharmacy website. In this site you will find up to 40 health articles and growing, and an 11000 reciprocal link exchange page. Save on all popular drugs such as Viagra, Lipitor, meridia, and hundreds more all for pennies on the dollar.