michael kors canada Home burns to ground after pol

Home burns to ground after police raid

RCMP and Kamloops Fire and Rescue are investigating a fire in a Westsyde home that burned to the ground hours after police seized more than $100,000 worth of drugs and stolen goods from the property.

Investigators spent the day Wednesday at 4300 Westsyde Rd., dismantling a 400 plant marijuana grow op and loading michael kors canada a five ton truck with thousands of dollars worth of items believed stolen during several break ins in recent months. Thursday, 911 phone calls from neighbours alerted firefighters to the blaze. The structure was a ball of smoke and flames when crews arrived.

Operations chief Jim Bell said the homeowners had been evicted and no one was inside when the fire started. Bush said a woman was arrested at the home the previous day. More arrests are expected.

Investigators will recommend charges of possession of stolen property, possession of restricted firearms and production of a controlled substance, she said.

The owner has been identified as Steven Davidson, who lived at the residence with his common law wife Tammy Boucher and one child.

Investigators are looking at what impact, if any, the fire has on the RCMP s case. Bush said a search of the home was completed and any items police could connect to the investigation were removed before the fire started.

At this point in time we don t know what the motive was for this fire, she said.

Police showed a handful of the items Thursday morning. At least nine rifles and shotguns, boxes of ammunition, compound bows, swords, a handgun, bags of marijuana bud and three Robert Bateman prints were on display.

Sgt. Gary Senner showed a moving truck full of items, including flat screen TVs, snowboards and power tools.

I work pretty hard to get one DeWitt power michael kors canada tool. This g michael kors canada uy has several of the same, he said. Quads and a Harley Davidson motorcycle were also seized.

Senner said the bust revealed one of the busiest fencing operations he s ever seen. He suspects the grow op was working for at least a year.

Firefighters were still putting out ho michael kors canada t spots late Thursday morning. Inspectors Dan Funk and Kevin Hall surveyed the damage from the outside, as the building is unsafe to enter.

Funk said the fire weakened the walls and caved in the roof. The entire home could collapse at any time.

We re not going in, he said. Hall added that will make it hard to narrow down a cause.

He found a security camera mounted outside the front door. Hall said the home was furnished when it burned, but he doesn t know if any stolen items were still inside.

Anyone who has been the victim of the break in during the last couple of months is asked to phone 250 828 3000 and provide a case number.