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Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThis simple book bag craft will give students great practice in following directions. Show them how to hold a piece of construction paper horizontally and fold the two michael kors canada sides in toward the center. Then demonstrate how to tape the two folded edges together, as well as the bottom of the resulting “pocket.” Show the children how to cut two strips from a second piece of paper to make two shoulder straps, and how to glue them appropriately. To make the book bag look michael kors canada more authentic, like it has a flap that op michael kors canada ens and closes, cut a piece of construction paper so that it fits the width of the book bag and fold it over the top. Tape down one side, and let the other side hang loose so that kids can open it to put items inside.Preschoolers can make this faux book bag out of a basic paper lunch bag. Show them how to open up the paper bag so that it stands on its own, and then michael kors canada fold over the top few inches to create a flap that opens and closes like some book bags do. Then give each student two strips of paper 2 inches wide and slightly taller than the folded paper bag and show them how to glue the tops and bottoms to the back of the book bag to create shoulder straps. Give students a rectangular piece of paper and show them how to apply glue to only three sides of it to make a pocket, and glue it to the opposite end of the paper bag. Students can then use this “book bag” to carry home notes to parents, permission slips and other items that need to make it from school to their parents.