michael kors Homan stays unbeaten at Scotti

Homan stays unbeaten at Scotties

“Fun for the fans and fun for us to get a lot of rocks in play.

“It was a tough battle to get control of the game back and force a mistake in the last end.”

Homan’s Ottawa rink plowed through its first eight games, outscoring its opponents by a combined 71 30, but it wasn’t that easy against Lawton (8 2).

Homan wrecked on a guard to let Lawton score three in the second end. Canada got two back in the third and another two in the seventh to make it 5 5. It was Lawton’s turn to miss in the eighth with a draw that went a little long to give Homan her first lead with a steal of one. Lawton tied it in the ninth, but Homan had the hammer in the final end.

She still hasn’t had to throw a 10th end last rock because Lawton’s final steal attempt fell just short.

“That wasn’t our strongest game as a team,” said Lawton. “We can pick it up.

“Rachel’s team played great and put pressure on us. We can fine tune a few of those shots and make them better.”

Homan continued her torrid pace at the Scotties in her next game. A 9 4 win over Newfoundland’s Heather Strong in the late draw moved michael kors the Homan rink to a perfect 10 0 with one draw remaining. Key in the Lawton victory was a steal of three in the sixth end that gave her a 6 2 lead. She sealed the game with a steal of two more in the seventh.

Manitoba’s Chelsea Carey (8 1) clinched a playoff spot with a 9 8 win over Ontario’s Allison Flaxey on a point in an extra end. She also took over sole possession of the second place, pushing Lawton to third.

“That’s step one making the playoffs,” said Carey. “Now we’ll try for the 1 versus 2 game, but as long as I’m in the playoffs I’m a happy camper.”

Carey had a late game against Val Sw michael kors eeting of Alberta that was not complete at press time. In other late action it was Ontario’s Flaxey (3 7) losing 5 3 to Quebec’s Allison Ross (2 9).

Flaxey started the Scotties 1 5, but emerged as a spoiler Wednesday with victories over Alberta and the Yukon.

She gave Carey a scare with a three in the sixth and another two in the eighth for a 7 5 lead. But Care michael kors y rallied with three in the ninth and held Flaxey to one in the michael kors 10th to force an extra end.

In the morning draw, Alberta’s Sweeting earned a 10 3 win in eight ends over Quebec’s Ross.

Ross opened with the hammer, but Sweeting (7 3) had steals of two, three and two points over the first three ends for a commanding 7 0 lead before Quebec scored one in the fourth.

In the final draw on Friday, Saskatchewan’s Lawton faces Yukon’s Koltun while Homan will look to complete her perfect round robin record against Crawford of New Brunswick. Carey will face Dolan and Flaxey closes with a game against Smith.

michael kors Homan emerge victorious at Mas

Homan emerge victorious at Masters Grand Slam of Curling in Abbotsford

Glenn Howard ran the table at the Masters Grand Slam of Curling in Abbotsford this week, and the scariest thing for his opponents at the upcoming Canadian Olympic trials is, he firmly believes his rink has room to get better.

“We still haven’t brought our A game yet, I don’t think,” the Penetanguishene, Ont. skip asserted after capping a 7 0 week with a 7 4 win over Edmonton’s Kevin Martin in the men’s final at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre on Sunday.

“That wasn’t our best game out there, but we seemed to manufacture the right shots. When one guy misses, the next guy comes up with a big one. That’s the sign of a great team . . . hopefully we’ll build on that and get better.”

The Howard team has tweaked its schedule th michael kors is season with an eye on the all important Olympic trials in Winnipeg, Dec. 1 8. They’re playing fewer bonspiels this fall, preferring to spend the extra time practicing and resting.

“We feel it’s going michael kors to be a long week in Winnipeg at the trials, and the more rested team, the more prepared team I think is going to be the one that wins,” Howard explained. “We feel that’s the right recipe to win.”

It was certainly the right recipe to win in Abbotsford, as Howard’s rink which also features third Wayne Middaugh, second Brent Laing and lead Craig Savill earned $26,000 for their week’s work. They also stayed in the running for a $1 million bonus, which is awarded if one team is able to win all of the Grand Slams during the 2013 14 season. The Masters is the first of four such events.

Sunday’s final pivoted in the fifth end. With the score tied 2 2 and the house littered with Howard’s yellow stones, Martin made a terrific shot with his last rock, threading the needle to lie one.

Howard called it “a one in 50 shot” that Martin had made, but he responded with a tough angle raise takeout to score four and break the game open.

“They had us in trouble right off the bat, and it was really weird how it developed,” Howard said. “I thought Kevin had a chance to blast a few (with his first rock) to get a bunch of yellows out, but he opted just to do a tap back, and he ended up missing.

“It kind michael kors of michael kors came out of nowhere. At the beginning of the end, if you’d have said we’d score one, I would have been happy.”

According to the event emcee, Sunday’s game was the 43rd meeting between Canadian curling legends Howard and Martin since 2001. Martin has a 24 19 edge in the series and beat Howard in the final of the Olympic trials four years ago, but Howard has won all three Grand Slam finals between the two.

“They’re always epic battles,” Howard said with a wry chuckle. “He’s a wily veteran you can’t ever take him for granted. Fortunately we won that one today, but he’s unbelievable. They just keep coming at you. Even with a four point lead, you knew the game wasn’t in the bag. You’ve got to keep executing.”


On the women’s side, Ottawa’s Rachel Homan defended her Masters title, knocking off reigning world champion Eve Muirhead in the women’s final on Sunday afternoon.

Homan broke the game open in the fourth end, scoring three points to seize a 5 2 lead. Muirhead got back to within 6 5 after the seventh end, but Homan kept her at bay in the eighth to clinch the victory and a $23,000 payday for her rink, which also features third Emma Miskew, second Alison Kreviazuk and lead Lisa Weagle.

“This spiel is just such an amazing thing to play well at,” enthused Homan, who had to weather a tiebreaker en route to the title.

“You get so many good games all the Olympic teams and all our trials teams. It’s the best competition from all over the world, so it was a great run for us.”

michael kors homage to the BirkinOne wo

homage to the Birkin

One wonders if her Japanese fans will, like Dr. Seuss’s Sneetches, put stars on thars, too.

She certainly took the stuffing out of prim chic Birkin fans such as Victoria Beckham and Carla Bruni Sa michael kors rkozy. Gaga is indeed invoking the laid back style of Jane Birkin, the British hippie beauty turned Gallic singing sensation for whom the bag was (re)named in 1984 when she custom ordered a purse version of the saddle bag dating to 1880.

We used to see designer bag “homages” only on Canal Street or at fly by night vendors in the touristy parts of Paris. I recently went a r michael kors ound on this subject with a stalwart ethicist and only escaped his scrunched eyebrows by declaring that I find street knocks to be of such poor quality as to be untempting.

In the past, there was a retic michael kors ence among legit chains to breach the issue of copying. But in the past few years, we’ve seen a whole lotta michael kors Chanel quilting and many flirtations with the Birkin. And darn it, this $198 version at Browns is terrific. There are differences, of course, but the red, black and tan versions (the last shade, which I bought at first sight, is shown at right) look nice on the arm and are good clean fun, hinting at Herms without being counterfeit.

Despite the swing to long strapped bags, I’ve gone hard for this style this year. If I could get Gaga to add her scrawl to mine, it would be priceless.