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Homemade Rice Bags Make Excellent Gifts for Anyone

I am very much into holistic healing, because it seems more natural to me then pouring countless medicines into my bo michael kors outlet dy for pain. The following article on soothing hot rice bags was written with a holistic approach. I wanted a heating pad, but disliked the non flexible ones that are on the market these days, so when friend and I were talking she told me about rice bags, well I knew I just had to try it. So I grabbed so scrap material, some rice and well I made my own.

What an excellent idea, it’s a warm soothing healing that will cure what ails you.

All you need is enough material to create the size of bag you need. My preferred size is 7 inches wide by 7 inches long which is perfect for almost any pain. Cut your material, sew it wrong side out, leaving a 2 inch opening on one side so that you can turn the bag right side out. This opening will also double as your filling hole. After you fill the bag with long grain rice go ahead and sew it closed.

One advantage to these rice bags over a conventional heating pad is the fact that the rice bags will mold to your body, cradling it with soothing heat. It’s not a dry heat which is harsh to your skin, but rather a nice warm mist heat whi michael kors outlet ch is beneficial to your skin.

These rice bags can be tossed in the microwave and heated for a few minutes, certainly for no more then 3 minutes. The rice bags provide nice moist heat for many of the aches and pains we get from daily living.

When I get a migraine the first thing I grab is my rice bag rather then pills. I put my rice bag in the microwave and heat it. Then I sit in my recliner chair and just relax for 10 15 minutes and the migraine is gone just like that. The beauty of these rice bags is they mold them selves to where ever you need them so they are perfect for neck muscles but you can also lay it on your forehead, or even the top of your head. If that migraine is one that will soothed by the rubbing motion you can do this as well by gently rubbing the hot rice bag acros michael kors outlet s your neck, the motion will soothe your headache away.

I work 3 twelve hour shifts at a very demanding job where I am on my feet for large amounts of time and let me tell you my feet and back hurt so bad when I get home. I kick off my shoes pop a rice bag in the microwave and then go change out of my scrubs. When I reenter the kitchen my rice bag is heated and I can sit and put my rice bag where ever it is needed and I am on my way to feeling much better.

Some people dislike the smell of plain hot white rice, and neither do it really so what I do is add some powdered cinnamon and this makes it smell like warm rice pudding. So you get a bit of aromatherapy with your healing.

Holistic medicine does not need to be weird to be effective, and in many ways it can be better then traditional over the counter medicines. I am not a medical doctor, but I do work in the medical field and often a doctor will recommend moist heat for normal aches and pains and the rice bags are an excellent idea for most people.

It’s important to note that you only will fill this rice bag with long grain rice and not minute rice. Make sure you use a cotton material for your bag, as it holds up better and is softer. Never toss this rice bag in the washer, as it will turn to mush, if your bag gets soiled toss it out and make another.

I have a few of these r michael kors outlet ice bags in assorted sizes created and ready to go at a moments notice to provide soothing relief as needed. These also make wonderful gifts for anyone you care about.

Published by Amy Browne

Amy has firsthand knowledge about heart attacks and works on a daily basis to prevent further heart attacks for herself and those around her. She wrote an e book titled “3 times Heart Attack Survivor” w. View profile

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michael kors outlet Homemade Reusable Shopping Bag

Homemade Reusable Shopping Bags

You have probably begun to reject plastic shopping bags whenever possible. They sit forever in landfills, choke marine and other wildlife and litter roadsides. Perhaps you carry reusable shopping bags wherever you go. Most grocery stores sell reusable shopping bags, and other retailers sell or give them away as a promotional it michael kors outlet em. These reusable shopping bags are functional if not fun or stylish. If you have some favorite but well worn t shirts tucked away in a drawer or closet, you can repurpose them into reusable shopping bags that suit your personal fashion sense. Some sewing is required for this recycled craft project, but while utilizing a sewing machine might allow you to whip up these reusable shopping bags in no time, you can make them with just a basic needle, thread and scissors. In addition, you will need a few straight pins; a bowl or plate; and a pen or marker with which you can write on the t shirt.

To get started, turn the t shirt inside out and place it on a flat, clean surface. Use the pins to close the bottom of the shirt in a straight, even line. Using a plate or bowl as a guide, trace around the inside of the sleeve seams. Carefully cut along this line to remove the sleeves. Trace another half circle around and below the neckline of the t s< michael kors outlet strong> michael kors outlet hirt. Cut away this portion of the t shirt as well, being careful to snip as neatly and evenly as possible. This part of the t shirt will be the handles and opening of your reusable shopping bags.

All you need to do now is to stitch a straight line across the bottom of the still inside out t shirt. If you are using a sewing machine, you can zip right through this part. If you are sewing by hand, it will take a little longer. You may wish to match the thread to the t shirt material for a more professional, polished look, but if you do not have matching thread you can use what michael kors outlet ever you have on hand, as the stitching will not be highly visible.

When you have securely stitched the bottom of the shirt closed, simply turn it right side out again. You now have a reusable shopping bag made from a recycled item of clothing.

If you do not have any old t shirts on hand, head to your favorite thrift shop and stock up. Many secondhand stores have “fill a bag” days during which you can purchase as many items of clothing as you can into a bag for one set price. Load up and make bags for all your friends and family. Tricia specializes in computer technology and is certified in Microsoft Office applications. Tricia is also passionate about helping readers save m. View profile

Dangers of Reusable Shopping Bags? I Don’t Buy ItSome otherwise green consumers may be tempted to forgo their reusable bags in favor of disposables. Many stores are now selling reusable bags made from recyclable materials.

michael kors outlet Homemade Raspberry Squares and

Homemade Raspberry Squares and a Tiny Bit of Food Porn

Yes, raspberries are good for you, but the best way to enjoy them is in a homemade jam sandwiched between a shortbread like crust and a naughty mound of sweet, golden coconut.

Raspberry Squares were my favorite summer dessert as a kid. On a hot July day, I would open the oven to catch a whiff of them baking. Hot air from the oven w michael kors outlet ould wash over my face the sweet smell of the sugary coconut just beginning to carmelize. michael kors outlet I didn’t mind the heat; the smell was all that mattered. My mother would shag me out of the kitchen when she caught me. Then it was a long waiting game until they were cool enough to slice. Waiting for the first square felt like an eternity to me when I was ten.

Farm hired hands say:a boobs 0 spher mi michael kors outlet chael kors outlet e makes Ya goofy!Age goat cheese for 60 days. Serve:Heritage Raspberry.