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Home Run agrees to suspend liquor sales until hearing

URBANA The owner of Home Run Food Mart has voluntarily agreed to suspend the store’s sale of alcohol pending the outcome of a city hearing on whether to revoke its liquor license.

Mayor pro tempore Charlie Smyth issued an emergency order suspending the store’s liquor license when, last week, Urbana police arrested its owner and an employee on warrants that had been issued earlier as a result of a three week long investigation.

Store owner Ramzi Alsaqri, 49; his brother, Jameel Alsaqri, 48; and employee Mohammed Mahmoud, 27, are accused of selling $5 “brown bags” containing a piece of glass tubing, copper mesh and a lighter items used to smoke crack cocaine from the store on May 10 and michael kors canada 11.

Ramzi Alsaqri and Mahmoud, both of Champaign, were arraigned on felony charges last week and are due back in court with an attorney Friday. He was gone last week when police served the search and arrest warrants. He is due back in court Aug. 7.

Meantime, the Alsaqris are due back in the Urbana City Council chambers on June 20 for the continuance of the liquor hearing. Their store at 1509 E. Washington St. could lose its license if Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Laurel Prussing michael kors canada finds cause to do so. The store is open for business but is just not allowed to sell liquor.

Smyth stood in for Prussing, who is out of town, at an initial hearing Tuesday.

Champaign attorney Ed Piraino appeared for the brothers and agreed to discontinue the sale of alcohol for the time being and said they would pay a fine to the city if they are found to be selling liquor. Smyth’s emergency order forcing them to do so expires on Wednesday.

Smyth said since Piraino was hired late Monday, it was appropriate to give him more time to rev michael kors canada ie michael kors canada w the evidence in the case.

Piraino said he also intends to represent all three in the criminal case. We welcome you to contribute your ideas, opinions and comments, but we ask that you avoid personal attacks, vulgarity and hate speech. We reserve the right to remove any comment at our discretion, and we will block repeat offenders’ accounts. To post comments, you must first be a registered user, and your username will appear with any comment you post. Happy posting.

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Home Remedy to Draw Out Infection

Drawing out an infection generally applies to superficial skin infections that arise in the form of a pimple or an infected hair follicle, or when the infection travels deeper to form an abscess, otherwise known as a boil. Staphylococcus bacteria are common causes of these infections, which ar michael kors canada ise when an open wou michael kors canada nd provides an entryway for these organisms. The body’s immune system will create pus as a result of this infection. The Georgia Department of Community Health describes that compresses effectively help the michael kors canada abscess to “ripen,” or come to a head. The moist heat of a compress will encourage the collection of pus and germs beneath the skin to move upward and drain out. are a great form of home healing, as their production and application are easy, adaptable and require little overhead. Several poultices are highly recommended for drawing out superficial infections. Kloss recommends grated, raw potato poultices as well as bread and warmed milk poultices. (pgs. 166) The Healing for Home Remedies website recommends that the paste of a poultice be placed directly on the skin, covered by a clean cloth and then the area wr michael kors canada apped in plastic. The poultice may need to be changed every three to four hours or until it dries out. The Georgia Department of Community Health notes that an infection that does not “ripen” with the use of home remedies like compresses and poultices should not be manually popped. Popping or puncturing the lesion without medical supervision can lead to other negative effects, such as infection, and is thus ill advised.

michael kors canada Home Remedy for Swollen Eyes

Home Remedy for Swollen Eyes

Eyes that are chronically red and swollen may indicate that you have a med michael kors canada ical condition called blepharitis. Inflamed, crusty and/or greasy eyelids, excessive tearing, dry eyes, red eyes, light sensitivity and eyelash loss are also ch michael kors canada aracteristic of blepharitis. Swollen eyes caused by this condition occurs due to malfunctioning of the oil glands that grow along your lash line and can be the result of such conditions as rosacea, allergies, seborrheic dermatitis and lash mites. Once diagnosed, blepharitis usually requires a long term plan of care directed by your physician, as it’s generally chronic in nature and tends to recur even when treated. Home remedies for swollen eyes related to blepharitis include strategies that incorporate daily self care.

Step 3

Add black currant or evening primrose oil to your diet. If blepharitis is caused by dermatitis michael kors canada or rosacea, Weil suggests a dose of 500 mg twice daily for six to eight week michael kors canada s. When you notice overall improvement, cut the dosage in half. Contained in these supplements is gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which moisturizes your skin and hair.

Step 4

Apply a topical treatment. Sooth swollen eyes with an application of calendula ointment or by applying wet tea bags to the eyes, Weil advises. First, submerge tea bags in hot water and allow them to cool completely before using them as a compress.